@cursor not working

hi everybody,

First of all, many, many thanks to all who create and make available for us your macros, it is a life changer!

I would like to ask a question: I am using Elfyau’s BM macro(s) (a huge thank you again :smile: ); inside the macro, as I am not using binding shot, I changed Binding Shot with Wild Spirits on a mod.

the line is: /cast [mod:alt,nochanneling,@cursor,combat] Wild Spirits

It’s been months since I was using it and Wild Spirits was cast always correctly at the cursor / target.
It’s been a few days since the macro now ignores @cursor and casts Wild Spirits @player.

I have tried and removed from the line one by one: nochanneling, combat, even @cursor, checked if there are any conflicts with other mods, deleted all unnecessary macros from the character, even deleted / reinstalled GSE, but nothing seem to eliminate the issue: Wild Spirits is still cast around me instead at the target / cursor.

Any ideas how to fix this? Might be something with a very simple answer and a noob like me can’t spot it…

Many thanks in advance,


Hi I get exactly same as you when i use it with mod:alt.
But when i use this one from Gentry´s it works and its not using mods. I just put on the number 2 bar and press manually when its burst time.



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If you changed the behaviour of smart casting in the last week to do with trying to cast aoe spells @target you need to undo that. In particular this affects tge alt modifier as this patched to fix that exploit.

thank you for sharing :slight_smile: yes, it seems @cursor and @target are not supported anymore and the only thing to make it work is to find another workaround (f. ex., bind it to another key)

thank you for your info :smile: I’ll try to find a workaround or something to make it work again :+1:

just a quick note: a discussion on blizz forum about this — Wild Spirits ignores [@cursor] macro conditional - Bug Report - World of Warcraft Forums

until now, what I use and actually works for me (following @Borland1891_2325 's idea) is a simple macro bound to a different key (and it seems to work with several other BM macros as well):

#showtooltip Wild Spirits
/cast [@cursor][nochanneling] Wild Spirits

hope it works and helps our fellow hunters

Good luck!

Just a note that it stops working only if you are using alt as the modifier - I changed mine from alt (which is the self cast key default) to ctrl and it works like it did before.

I am glad it works for you :slight_smile: sadly, for me, pressing / holding ctrl just freezes the macro(s) and nothing happens :frowning:

@cursor works fine -

if it’s not then it’s one of two things. It’s either your setup needs to be fixed or your macro needs to be fixed. Both of these are at your end and the only person who can fix either of these is unfortunately you. No one can fix it for you.

you are 100% right, I have to fix them; I made this post because I just wanted some feedback to see if anyone else was having similar issues