Custom hotkey to reset specific macro?

So I know of the Macro Reset in the option. I was looking for something more specific:

Macro 1 has a function in it that resets Macro 2 to the beginning.

And Macro 2 has a function in it that resets Macro 1 to the beginning.

Ie, pressing 1 specifically resets 2 and pressing 2 specifically resets 1.

I trawled through the documentation and searched through the forums but can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. I just want to say @TimothyLuke, thanks very much for this great addon. It really did make my experience much more fun and you have my appreciation for your continued work and development.

EDIT, NEW UPDATE: Oh whoops, I mistook the OPTIONS -> MACRO RESET to be for GSE as a whole, not specifically tied to a sequence. Is there a way I can have a specific key binding (1,2,3,a,b,c) instead of the preset modifiers given (alt, shift, ctrl) to reset a sequence?

Unfortunately no on all counts.

Inside the combat sandbox each macro can only talk to itself. The key combo that you set in GSE will only reset the macro that you use that key combo on. It can’t reset a separate macro. Unfortunately it’s also limited to the options that are available as modifiers.