Dagger/Sword swap macro for classic?

I want to be able to open with an Ambush if I can and immediately switch to a sword from a dagger in my mainhand.

I have tried an addon called Itemrack that does swap weapons around but for some reason it wont get the Sword in the main hand until after I’m out of combat, which totally defeats the purpose.

I’ve looked everywhere online but not much support for that addon.

Is it possible to script it some how?

hmm i remember using smth like that on WOTLK on Warr switching to 2H weapon and 1H weapon with Shield and going to Defensive Stance. Try for example:
/cast Ambush
/equipslot 16 (Your Weapon) OR /equipslot 17 (Your Weapon).
Hope that this helped you somehow =)

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Thanks Grave, I will give it a shot. (Update) Itried it and it still wont equip or change gear when in combat …im thinking its a thing with the classic game client…no worries I will have to modify my playstyle and maybe just use Garotte instead of Ambush…not my favorite way to open but whatever

best way to do that is to use this macro

/use 0 1
/use 0 2

tap it twice quickly

then, put your daggers in first and second slot of backpack, macro will swap them. Let me know how it works out. You can do whole outfits swaps out of combat that way, weapons only in combat.

Will someone with more time than me put that into a GSE, make it so it does a sequence or something, and export it please? just post it here

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