Damage output for Ret Pallys

anyone else having problems sustaining damage anywhere near sim at 120?

I have simmed my toon using raidbots and a local copy of simbot all of them tell me that I should be sustaining 8k with my toon but I burst for 6k and sustain about 4.5k I have been in with other pallys in dungeons and I am barely getting near what they’re using and most are saying they’re using custom macros but that’s as far as it goes. I tried to create macros a few times and I get pretty much the same as the ones from here. I was in a dungeon last night with a 114 who was holding 10k throughout every fight in the dungeon trash and bosses shrine of the storm. I just don’t get it I swear I was also doing DPS more before I hit 120. it’s almost like blizzard isn’t scaling right or reporting damage wrong. Now don’t get me wrong I’m no where near geared out the butt yet only 310, but I feel like if the sims are saying I should be higher, before BFA went live in 8.0.1 I was sustaining near or right above sim depending on the weather.

First, -115’s typically do more damage because they’re still receiving legendary traits. These traits don’t expire until 116. It’s not uncommon to see significantly higher charts from a -115 than a 120.

Second, sims are based on the “perfect storm”. They’re calculated using pots, buffs, and stats. Additionally, they’re based on a scenario that doesn’t include movement or dungeon/raid abilities. More times than not, you’re not going to be close to your sim because of game mechanics.

Lastly, raidbots significantly pads numbers. You’re better off using simcraft or another alternative.

Keep in mind you are simming with full raid buffs and food flasks also