DARKBEAR_8.3 Just changed the name

Simple. some old DarkBear for the latest WoW build.
Nothing has change really except I ticked the box for it to cast the neck on CD.

I’ve tested all of the others and I still get better results with this. Any Talent combo you want it covers. autocasts Frenzied regen and maintains Ironfur, If you talent Brambles it will autocast Barkskin as an offensive CD otherwise you need to manually cast it defensively. It does not cast SI that is up to you to manual cast.

I run a ton of different talent combinations depending on the situation (and literally you can run any setup you want) but I suppose I find myself in one of these 2 setups the most:

1331221 or 2211211

The Macro:

Usage Information
!Change the Loop limit Number if you are not happy with the number of Frenzied Regens being cast. Smaller number will result in faster use where a larger number will cast it less frequently.

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.8.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Frenzied Regeneration

KeyPress: Bear Form, Swipe, Berserking

Main Sequence: Swipe, Moonfire, Maul, Ironfur, Thrash, Barkskin, Mangle, Berserking, Wild Charge

KeyRelease: Swipe, Thrash

Post Macro: Frenzied Regeneration

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Speak of the devil! Was just saying to a friend yesterday how much I miss your macros!! Best bear eva!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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@Shagz Thanks! yeah I took about a year off from the game and macros. I’m back now though :stuck_out_tongue:

How fast u fire your macro?

@christian-schroder I don’t think speed matters too much on this one. (I’ve been running it for a couple of years and I have change my speed up to accommodate other macros over that time and I still just run this at whatever my current one is at. I’ve ran it at 0.10 just fine and currently I am at 0.020 (fast) for my Feral, and the bear still works fine.

Can I just check where to put the Heart of Azeroth ability (Concentrated Flame) and trinket cooldowns in this macro?

Many thanks

Hello, You can post logs in raid and mm+ please ? :smiley:

for the heart essence just put it in the main sequence as such

/cast Heart Essence

it will then use your heart when off cool down

No need to do that. Just check the box “Use Neck”

Hello, You can post logs in raid and mm+ please ? :smiley:

I have been on break for almost a year now. I’ve only been back a couple of weeks. I don;t have any meaningful logs that are current.

Ok thank you. That is helpful.

Actually, I have ended up using this macro much more situationally, because I found the auto-moonfires were a liability with pulling other mobs, and the constant GCD made it hard to pop survival instincts/frenzied regen in PVP when needed.

@hotma If you have the “Require Target to use” option checked on in the /GS settings you will not find the moonfires as a liability (this is true for any GS macro, especially ranged ones), Also stop pressing the button, toggle it off (or however it is being pressed) just before the last mob in a group dies. It is designed to apply a fresh moonfire on any new target so don’t target mobs that you are not in combat with or don;t want pulled. The Macro autocasts Frenzied Regen so no need to manually apply it. I’ve never had an issue slipping an SI in as I need it, but if its a problem for you, you can always throw a [mod] cast in there for SI (same goes for Frenzied Regen as well if you are looking to situational cast it)

throw a line like this in the Keypress section:

/cast [mod:shift] Survival Instincts

you can use any mod you want, i.e [mod:alt] or [mod:ctrl] as well

the neck doesnt work. well at least for me it doesnt. need to input the heart essence line

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