Darkfoxx Blood DK

Usage Information

WOW 10.0.7
250 MS

Additional Ingame macro if for emergency because I couldnt get the [alt] modifier to work

/castsequence  Vampiric Blood,Icebound Fortitude,Anti-Magic Shell

I tried to get the [alt] modifier to work but I couldnt figure out why it wasnt activating, im not very good at coding and would love some input so if you have any advice/opinions please post them, I need feedback.

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.30.




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if you use elvui you need to turn off the actionbar setting . set pickup action key to none. worked for me

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I use Dominos bar addon, I dont use elviui. im not sure how to use it.

Hi. I use my mods by not having them in macro. I make a bar with keybinding ALT1 and put the spell i want to use there.
My autopresser is key1 so it means when i press alt it presses ALT1 until you release. Havent had any issues when i did like this. Test and se if this works for you.
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When you say “Alt1” do you mean it presses “alt+1” with 1 being from the number pad? I’m not very good at coding macros and I’m still learning how to best do sequences and things. I usually only make them out of necessity, I have 10 maxed out classes, if i go to play one and i can’t find a good macro, I’ll go research the talents/class and see what the official icy veins rotations and priority is and figure out how i can make it a repeatable macro. Sometimes it’s hard because the last sequence may interfere with itself when it loops back around and throws off timings for the future spells.

Hey… How many MS running this Macro??

No i mean you go into Keybindings and setup bars for ALT1, SHIFT1 and CTRL1. Like this .

But you cant have any Mods in the macro.
And if you wanna go with mods in macro you need to delete the keybindings you made.
This is from my monk and what i have keybinded .
So if you have your macro on your nr1, not notepad, your normal 1.
This means when i hold down ALT it will autopress my ALT1 until i release ALT button. So for my Monk it will press Purify Brew as my picture shows

I like this way and i never have any issues with mods not working at all and i feel macro is also running smoother without these mods in macro. But thats how i like it, maybe not loveble by all :slight_smile:
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250 is what I put it as