Dat's Enhancement 8.3

Please test out my macro and let me know what you think. I run this with AHK at 20ms. My usual latency is around 32-40ms. My Shaman is an alt, so it’s not as geared as my main, but it does good damage, has high uptime on buffs and use of Stormstrike and Crash Lightning.

Note: I keep my Azerite ability, Sundering, Healing, and Major CD’s on separate buttons/macros.


I did a 10 million damage under exactly 5 min test on dummy without BL but used my Troll haste buff. My ilevel is 447 and stats are: Haste 25% Crit 24% Mast 43% Vers 2%.
MS i used was 30 and i use BotE as Major and minor is BotD, Purification Prot and Iris
Damage was 36,8k and i sim 40,2k, had to manually press Feral Spirit because it did not activate.
Tested after to take out the talent:7/3 from the Line /cast [combat,nochanneling,talent:7/3] Feral Spirit and after doing that it casted Ferals for me.
But a good macro and i really liked it alot.
Best regards

SIM: 91%

  • Very good considering I never used Sundering even though the SIM from Raidbots used it 8 times.

Like previous poster the Feral Spirit wouldn’t launch until we modified the macro. Overall very good.

Feral Spirits are used with BotE in another macro, unless you’re running Ascendance, then it’ll go off. I set it that way so you can pop Feral, then BoTE and slam Stormstrike.