De-ranked buffs

Hi, I have some problems finding a macro that will de-rank my buffs if I cast it on a low level player (like Arcane Intellect, etc.).

Is this possible with GSE and can somebody give me an example?

PS: This is on Wow classic.

I personally Like to use Healbot addon for buffs, once you set it up it’s an amazing tool not just for healers. I would recommend that. but if you must have a macro, then you could try having shift modifiers to buff lower levels. usually you can add the rank of a spell in the command. so it would look something like

/cast [mod:shift] Arcane Intellect(rank 2); Arcane Intellect
and that would cast normal arcane intellect on players your rank, and arcane intellect 2 whenever you hold shift and hit the key. but again, I believe Healbot does all the work for you, and auto buffs according to level, and it will remind you when buffs are running out.

Just a small update. I just noticed today that the buff automatically downranks now.

I am sure its in one of the recent patches although I have not read the patchnotes.

That was definately not the behaviour before.