Death Knight - Blood (Tank) Update 2

Hello everyone, I decided to take a look at the Blood DK tank macro again and found a spell that it shouldn’t be in the second castsequence. It was Empower Rune Weapon, with its big cool-down of 5 minutes, it was preventing it to go into a third round in the sequence and that is why I didn’t noticed this earlier. I was able to fix the lock up in the sequence by giving Empower Rune Weapon its own cast line. I must of mixed up the macros in the past while testing new ways to improve it, because I fixed the same problem on the frost lazy macro a long time ago.
I will add this macro update to the addOn plugin as r9.
I’ll be back with more soon!

The Death Knight blood macros sort of seem to work. Unlike most of the other macros for other classes though the button shows “?” on the action bar for a good part of the rotation, as opposed to the button facade of the spell the macro is currently executing. so while the macro may be working I have no idea what it is doing (if anything at all) - although I see spells being cast in scrolling combat text.

Hello Stephencooper, it is sort of intended to display like that. This happens in most of the lazy macros I made due to a few variables, “null”, multiple castsequences and/or not adding command line to display tooltips. The macro works fine, but the way is coded seems like the game client can’t identify the spell is being casted because of so many spells and different forms of cast lines are in a single macro.

But that is just cosmetic, as long as they work is all good. If it bothers you the question mark icon, just give it an icon. And if you would like to keep track of what is being casted, put the abilities in your bar somewhere and you can see them in cooldowns when they are used or get an addOn like Fortexorcist to keep track of them.