Death Knight - Blood (Tank) Update

And the blood still flowing, I mean macros. This time is a small update for Blood DK lazy macros. Since this past weekend I started to play my DK on battlegrounds to try to get some gear to tank some of the Cataclysm raids. Well after many hours of AV, I did it! While I was PVPing at the same time also I had a chance to test the lazy macros. I found out there is a problem with changing targets and trying to use the modifier, that’s when the lockup transition happens because runes would be on cooldown and then you can use Rune Strike if you have the runic power or Blood Boil for those with talents.
It is pretty funny that I got geared for tanking in 1 day and spent the rest of the time getting dps gear while PVPing. And I used this macro yesterday for tanking on my brand new DK tank on Black Wing Descent, it worked beautifully LOL, cleared all but Nefarian because we ran out of time.