Death Knight – Unholy Update 2

Unholy guacamole! Err… I mean another update. It has been a while since I checked this lazy macro and a visitor on Youtube suggested that I should ta
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Maybe I am just dumb, but I can’t find the macros you mention in your blog posts, not the specific ones. Could you maybe put a link in your posts (if you didn’t alreay and I am just missing it) to the current version, or at least the one you are mentioning. I know the original post has the version from a couple years ago, but it isn’t the updated one you are talking about (at least I don’t think it is!).

I love the addon (used to use sdm), but haven’t tried it for any class except hunter. Thanks for taking this over and keeping it up, whoever is doing it! Also, thanks for sharing the class specific macro’s here. That is a big help once you have them.

With Gratitude,