Death Knight - Unholy Update 2

Unholy guacamole! Err… I mean another update. It has been a while since I checked this lazy macro and a visitor on Youtube suggested that I should take a look at the Unholy lazy macro. So here I am after revising a few things, I decided to clean up some of the cast sequence by removing Death Strike. If the player is low on health I suggest to use this ability but for now is out of the sequence to increase the damage in the rotation. I also bring the Empower Rune Weapon ability back and the upper trinket slot since I was able to gain some space inside the macro.

After testing the old lazy macro I noticed that the Dark Transformation spell was not being casted fast enough after it was triggered, so I was able to combine it inside another castsequence to make sure that it does not get skipped many times. I will include this update in the next revision of the addOn plugin. *From now on all updates will be on the forums, old blog posts will remain the same.