Death Knight - Unholy update

After spending few hours making the lazy macro for blood spec, I decided to rework on the unholy lazy macro and improved a bit. (Link Here)
Now it will start with the diseases whenever you change a target and added Death Coil with a modifier when you want to dump runic power.
If I had more characters to work with, it would be fantastic, any class macro would of be even better trust me.

hey any idea wen ur new unholy macro will be posted?

I fixed the link sorry about that, macros will be updated under the same post, unless there is a new major patch.

thank you so much! your macros made my life so much easier lol

You welcome =)

Very relevant and concise information posted here. I like this site. Please keep up the good work and I will be back to check in often.

I’m glad you like it, now that I’m back home should be able to work a bit more on it after I rest some of course.