Death's BM Macros(High Performing)

thanks :smiley: will try it out :smiley:

is single target or aoe better for mythics in your opinion

aoe for Packs when it’s more then 3 mobs.

Singel target for bosses or mobs that needs to be nuked.

A dumb question, in m+ can i change my loudout as i wish?

pity mend pet isnt in rotation but i am lazy

You can always add it. That’s a huge DPS loss in M+ or raids


is bloodshed on a mod ?doesnt seem to fire on st or u manualy do it

^ i tried it out and was wondering y dmg was so low lol, realized no bloodsheds went off. its on a modifier, what’s the advantages of it being on a modifier as supposed to just auto casting it every time the cd is up?


Just add it when you are doing Open World stuff. that’s what i did. the pet Dont take mutch damage in raids anyway. Ddi just Clear Voi and the pet took almost zero dmg.

you only use bloodsheed in raids, and then you can have it on a modfier. to use it when you pump BW. to stack Damage modfiers.

how do i see the talents what addon i need?? or if its part of ge how do i use it?

So I like cooldowns to be on modifiers so I can line up burst phases and pump when needed as my focus is on high level raiding and M+.

If you want to use it as it comes off CD add a block action to the front of the macro for bloodshed.

Mend pet is a huge DPS loss in instanced content so I tend to cast it manually when needed, I can usually take on a pack of elites with my pet that has a dmg reduction shield ability and never have to heal the pet except for in between packs.

Thanks for all the usage and questions, keep it rolling!

I am lvl 377 at the moment and this ST macro is top notch @ 50ms runing AHK gives me best dps 30k+ at the moment top 1-2 on raid bosses, All my CDs (blood shed, and Dire) are in the loop works great, Lots of BM hunters asked what tree I use so they could copy it :slight_smile: and they where like 10k behind
lazy as I am this is my version of Deathsimage macro thx m8


im new here, so how do i view the talent build code so i can look at your build?

In WoW, type N to show Talents. Use the menu selector to select Import. Copy the Talent String you are interested in from the post. Paste it into the Import box in WoW. Name it. Done.

its not good to run any thing under 250ms. ur missing key spells and cool down no human can push a key that fast at 50ms / ur also trowing ur self to draw attention and have actions taken on said account

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Just sayin’…

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thats sitting still not moving not avoiding any dammage helli can do that .doing this for up to 10 mintues on a raid boss . cant happen again any ms can get u banned but its been posted . Just saying

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so question i see 2 different macros and 2 different talent’s so one is single and one is aoe so every time i want to do singel target and aoe damage i have to stop and change talents ive never seen to different talents for a singel and aoe . ??

I agree that it can. Not disputing that. Just saying that you can easily click below the 250ms mark manually, which is what I used to do with these macros.
AHK is a special problem, because it can be detected by Blizzard (or any other game) as being active when running the game. Hence why certain other games can’t even start, if AHK has an active, running script.
Software that uses your hardware to apply macros are kind of a different matter. These can’t be detected, but there has been reports of people being banned by using various mouse/keyboard software. It’s entirely possible that Blizzard still logs user data, as they can quite obviously see when an ability is being used (and when the next is).
You always run the risk of banning, it’s more of a question of how risky it is.