Decent Affliction 8.0.1 DB/Phantom/Shadow Embrace build

I currently have Soul of the Netherlord legendary ring equipped, so I have the free “Soul Conduit” talent as well as “Creeping Death” talents

I have the Void Lord glyph. If you do not, update Void Lord to Voidwalker so that it will summon the pet for you

I took the current talents because they are easy to work with when it comes to the macro.

  • Drain soul is clipping to soon and not being allowed to currently complete it’s channeling, why Deathbolt was chosen
  • Vile Tint sounds cool and all, but not for a macro. So far as I recall, they took the ability for a ground targeting spell away. May want to check with the druid’s healing for that question though.
  • Shadow’s embrace is a nice easy talent to work with but I see a lot of dps loss with this one in the end. May work with Haunt at some point but it was easy to do.

This build for is not quite keeping Corruption up full time but it is really close for me, like in the .2 seconds range, so some tweaking needs to be done. Take out a Shadowbolt in the main cast sequence if you feel you must.

Note: When you have no pet out it will summon a pet based on grouping. I added it because of a dying pet in solo play. The issue is that it casts it twice, not detecting the first summon I guess because it is so fast, maybe someone can offer some help on that.

The reset time is not working for macro’s, at least not for GSE and me. In general there seems to be some background undocumented changes on Blizzards end making it a little bit of work.

Playing with AHK at 120 currently. For those who want to know, my Lat is 61/53 (usually 51/52)

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Amirn Single Target

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.3.01.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

KeyPress: Summon Felhunter, Summon Voidlord

Main Sequence: Shadow Bolt, Corruption, Unstable Affliction, Agony

Post Macro: Summon Darkglare, Deathbolt, Phantom Singularity


  1. Moved Summon Darkglare, Deathbolt, and Phantom Singularity to PostMacro. Removed mod:ctrl Unstable Affliction from Sequence

  2. Thanks to diav, added note for the Voidwalker/Void Lord glyph

  3. Exported macro in case there was a misspelling per diav

Can you list your build? and how do I add this to GSE?

Copy the above gibberish code then while in game with GSE open, select import. Paste the code and it will show up as “AMIRN_AFFLICTION”

The talent build I am using is:
3, 1, ?, 2, ?, 1, 2
I also have “Soul of the Netherlords” ring equipped for the Soul Conduit talent

Here is a link to my Warlock in case you want to know stats etc.

SO spam this at 120MS?

You have Deathbolt as Death Bolt, and Voidwalker as Void Lord.


Not sure about the deathbolt part, shows correctly on my end. Didn’t think about the glyph I have. So yes, should be voidwalker for most people.

I exported and updated the main topic in case there was a misspelling I didn’t realize I had updated. as tired as I was when I did this, is entirely possible.

can someone share their ahk script I am not skilled enough to make one that works :frowning:

Search. They are plenty on here.