Dek's Death's High Performing BM Macros (10.2) KSM/KSH 2500+ Rating

Ah okay I think I have understood almost everything ^^
But what else is the MS all about? So do I have to set something somewhere so that there are no problems with GSE or somewhere else?

hello tested macro in plus currently 21-24 . closed on average at200k overall. item livel 478 let’s say i would have expected a higher dps given the gear. i see hunter close even at 300 k overall with gear 475 . all macros suffer from this problem more than a certain dps don’t go and i don’t understand why since the rotation is executed perfectly. where is the problem guys?
my stats are great even:
critical 36%
mastery 72%

with such a high mastery i should be doing very high dps instead boo.

Translated with (free version)

usually players set their gaming mouse or keyboard (which ever they use to run the macros) to a set ms speed. the MS doesnt effect GSE. only issue you could have for setting a high MS is the potential of blizzard banning you for being a bot, if your running faster than a average human can press a button (the 250ms is the best guess community came up with as a average human can press a button)

You are overestimating what hunter and macros can do. Macros like this will never be as good as a player skilled in the class playing well, but for context I double checked the numbers on 21s. The top logged fight for BM hunter in each dungeon this season (key level 21):

Darkheart Thicket, 219k

Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

Black Rook Hold, 243k

Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

AD, 175k

Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

Waycrest Manner, 224k

Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

Throne of Tides, 251k

Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

Everbloom, 309k

Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

Rise, 158k

Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

Fall, 235k

Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

Again, these are literally the top logged fights for each dungeon (level 21) for BM hunter as of 12/19. Overall these average to 224k. If you are pulling 200k, I would argue you are doing just fine.

excuse me why a player without a macro would do more it is literally impossible to be faster than a macro that does everything.
manual rotation press at least 5 keys plus interrupt cd etc then it becomes so many manual execution hard to sustain high.
very fast macro rotation and instant execution of all spells.
with the macro you should be much faster and high in everything just press 1-2 keys without counting to make mistakes since the macro does everything

so how is it possible for a hand player to do better?

Just curious… do you just use the aoe in M+ or swap between aoe/st macro? only ask because they have different talents in the /gse menu

I run the M+ talents but use both macros - hit the AOE macro if more than 1 target is alive otherwise hit single target. THe ST macro includes abilities like bloodshed that arent active in the M+ build but they are non blocking if you use it with the M+ talents so the macro still works fine.

That said, and as ive said before, I feel like the ST macro underperforms so it might be worth tweaking. the aoe macro is great for keys though, im logging fights at about 190k and am usually top dps in the 20s/21s im running.

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Macros dont let you cast more abilities than manual play. They create a static rotational structure which works pretty well, but since both our rotation and the fights change and fluctuate dynamically, they will never be ideal.

The top players never use macros like this . If you rely on macros like this you can sometimes get to 85-90% of ideal with a good macro and statting, which is great for those of us who are old or disabled or otherwise cant keep up with the speed of the game these days. It is often enough to push high level content. Just don’t expect to earn a spot on a RWF team if you use macros like this.

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I’m not saying they throw more abilities but it is faster which you will never do manually unlike a macro.
by hand you always risk to miss spells or you expire debuff with the macro no. so i don’t agree on this factor. i myself in the past with some macros both here on the site and created by me i have done complete mythical end game raid always finishing among the top 3 dps, in fact in bbfa i even ranked in score in m+ finishing 2 in the server with 4500 score. so i would say that the macros are fine for complete end game as well. only negative note that i am finding to date that the gse seems to work less than past expansions. let me give you a clear example in bfa i used for a very long time the macro bm of scarrylarrygame i was doing an absurd dps always top in ranking it was running perfectly. i noticed that in dragonfligh this has changed and i don’t know why.

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A Macro just cycles through the spells til a spell can be casted and can skip spells just as they come off CD. a skilled player of his class is watching the spells and knows casting right as they come off cd without missing the CD. a really good macro might do 90% (if lucky) Sim. thats with the best internet speed, computer and MS, with almost no lag. where a played push each spell can get closer to 98-99% cuz they know when and what spells to cast at the right time.

If Macros were better choice, then everybody would use them and Blizzard wouldnt have a rule against how fast buttons are being pressed.

I don’t comment or contribute often, but this new version takes the cake for me! I don’t rely solely on macros, but it’s a great supplement when it gets hairy during a fight. Very good job to Death and Dek for their work on this!

Hello everyone, I’ve tried the macro for 2 days now and it doesn’t cause any damage like ((Dek…))) has on its side…what am I doing wrong??? My GS:458

is it not casting stuff?

Posted a new set of ST talents I am trialing. They did pretty well in heroic raid last week so feel free to give them a shot and lmk what you think. I ran them on Igara, Volcoross, Nymue, and Smolderon

well ilvl . stats . play stile . internet . could me a hand full of things …

Wanted to say the new talents fit very very good. Plan on the same for aoe ?

If I can find better talents I will but the AOE talents have been performing very well for me - I will keep playing with it though, if you have any recommendations im all ears.

As it were, another user, Luxx-71, just recommended some different aoe talents to try, in this post Looking for updated BM M+/raid macro - #10 by Luxx-71, I ran a quick test on the trial dummies and it does seem to perform about 5-7% better than what I have posted. Ill give it a go in keys and update as appropriate but you can give that a shot if you are keen.


Update: In keys, the performance improvement seems to evaporate. I ran 4 darkheart 20’s today (darn ring still didnt drop), with my talents I got one end of dungeon final parse at 202k and one at 205k, with these talents I got one parse at 188k and one at 195k. Very close, but I will continue with my original talents (The Wowhead M+ talents, posted above or pulled from wowhead) for the time being.

Or the variation could just be the standard ups and downs between dungeons/groups.

Leaving this here for posterity.

parsed an 80 on mythic council with this lmao. Thanks dek! you’re great!


How do I turn off so it uses cooldowns ?