Dek's Death's High Performing BM Macros (10.2) KSM/KSH 2500+ Rating

Hey Everyone!

I’ve had bad luck with other BM macros here so I’ve been running a modified version of Death’s High performing BM macros from 10.0. Posted here for your enjoyment. I was able to get Keystone Hero (2500 rating) with this macro.

I use them in Keys, pushing 20s/21s, parse about the 40th-50th percentile. Id love to find better so any suggestions are welcome. In particular, I feel the ST Macro underperforms what it should. Feel free to comment if you modify it for improvement and I will adjust with credit.

I use the Wowhead talents for M+ and ST, and the ST Macro works great with a minor dps improvement over the AOE one even in M+ talents. Both Are posted Below

I tap about every 100ms.


Dekobii ‹The Chosen Family› @ Proudmoore (US)


Warcraft Logs





Wowhead M+ Talents


Wowhead ST Talents


Alternate ST Talents (better dps but still in testing)


This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.50.

Link to Death’s Original Post: Death's BM Macros(High Performing)

Mind posting your parses/

Normal Raid

Rating as of 12/14

Most of my keys and raid stuff are logged - in the last 2 seasons I was on Tichondrius under the same name and had mostly purple parses with a couple orange, so seeing all blues and greens is hard for me but BM is a tough nut to crack. Ive tried a dozen times to write my own macro but haven’t been able to beat Death’s so I just keep duct taping it up whenever a patch comes out and hope it keeps holding up.

Hey Dek! And everyone else for that matter, sorry for the hiatus, got busy with life and WoW took a back seat.

I haven’t made any changes to my original macro in awhile and I apologize for abandoning this project.

I have been playing 10.2 more so I will see what I can do to improve the original macros for all of you.

Please respond either here or on my macro thread and let me know what issues you are having.


I will say in the keys I am doing(17s and 18s mostly) with my key group I am finishing around 190k overall in most dungeons at 475 ilvl using my original macro at 150ms.


Hey man! Glad to see you back. There are no major issues with your macro per se, except that the builds and talents change slightly with each patch and without adjustments the performance drops off a bit. Last season there was a bigger emphasis on barbed shot talents, this season its the reintroduction of a major cooldown (Call of the Wild).

If you look at what I posted, it’s the same meat and potatoes as what youd posted originally, but with some changes to the pre and post macros and the addition of call of the wild. Its possible Ive made other changes over time as ive been playing with it organically for the past year but I think that is mostly it.

If you’d like I’m happy to take this down - as I said above, I hadnt found a macro that beat this yet so thought I’d offer it to the community as a starting place. Thanks for reaching out.

Nah I don’t mind, I’m glad my macros are still getting used!

I believe heavily in collaboration driving success!

When I get home I will dive into it!

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Says that Wowhead M+ talents are out of date

Ill repost them but I literally pulled them off my char yesterday lol. Should be fixed now @Belfy

the logs are promising, congratulations on the macro.
I’m going to test it tonight.
For raids, do you use the ST macro?

politics aside, this is the best macro i’ve found for BM to date, including that of GAU’s, i’ve reached peaks of 1.6m dps (aoe) averaging 220k-250k end result in 18-20 keys, 480 ilvl. the ST could possibly use some loving, but it still performs well.

now for the politics… my view, this is a community, and whilst others use these macros for ease of use, I use them because I simply need too… so for me, if you have to re-use other authors work and tweak them to improve because they have been left unantended for some time, who cares? Death has stated he is simply happy that they are being used. This whole “can’t steal other authors work” is frustrating, we are all here to find the best possible macro for our class right? how should it matter how we do this…so long as we share the end result to everyone for further improvement down the line…and not force the community behind paywalls… anyway, rant over, to sum up, amazing macro and I can’t wait to see how it improves :slight_smile: great work dude!


agreed. something about the st

I set the ST macro to ‘1’ on my keyboard and the AOE macro to ‘3’ on my keyboard and run each as the situation calls, including raid. For true ST bosses in raid (Volcoross, for example) I switch talents, for most, including fyrakk, i run the M+ build. TBH i forget to switch off of M+ most fights.

I’ve been running 20-23 keys with Gaupanda’s macro originally, but after testing your AOE macro on dummies, it does do 2-3mil more overall damage - So great work! :slight_smile: . The only thing I’m having a problem with is that barbed shot sometimes drops, i dont feel like the macro is so good at keeping the 3 stacks up. Is there anyway I can fix this?

I’m running with 50ms on up and down with 40-45 ping latency.

Not sure if adding more barbed shots will add more consistency in keeping 3 stacks up, and if so where would you recommend me trying adding more barbed shots?

I could of course manually fire it off sometimes, but yeah, sometimes a lot of shit is on the screen, and you dont really see it in time. :slight_smile:

No idea on how to fix this in the macro. Ive tried many times but never get it sorted. I’ve found the best workaround is to run higher haste (i sit 33-35%), but I think that puts an artificial ceiling on damage compared to a higher mastery build. I am looking for an answer on this because I am frustrated that I haven’t worked it out myself.

that is a good suggestion. Maybe try that and let us know how it goes.

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hello just to say your macro is just incredible the dps is insane with the good stats I well exceed the million on large packs of mobs I finish the dungeons with more than 240k hps without increase I have no problem with barbed wire since I passed my haste is 35% just to say a big thank you and continue to have a good day :slight_smile:


i concur whole heartedly


i have 3 questions, i’m new here so i’m sorry that i don’t know so much yet. ^^

  1. what does the MS mean?
  2. what does ST Talents mean?
  3. can or do i have to spam the macro all the time, or do i also have to pay attention to something?

Hey @jIZHO .

ms is frequency of hitting the key. 100ms means 100 milliseconds between hits or 10 times per second. ST stands for single target.

ST talents are a talent build you can change into for fights with only one enemey, like volcoross or nymue. for most raid fights and for dungeons, a general purpose build will do better.

You can just hit the macro all the time in lower level content, normal raid and keys <10-12 or so. IN higher level content youll need to use your counter shot, defensives, self heals, and class utilities like traps or lust or hunters mark as well.