Delay software

my mouse doesn’t come with any software like the logitek mouses do, can anyone help me with what i could use for ms for the macros i would like to use?

The 2 most common software for repeated key pressing is:

Punchkey and AHK (Auto Hotkey) if you use the number keys (action bars) then Punchkey is easier to use. If you want to use other keys then it’s best to maybe look at AHK but it’s not as easy and can be configured a number of different way

I’d recommend Punchkey as a start

I’d go back to just recommending AHK over Punchkey since it’s moved to a paid product.

PunchKey 7.0 has full keyboard support now as well.
Very easy to use.
PunchKey Homepage


In punchkey, if I want to set a delay of 0.10 ms, in MIN and MAX setting I have to configure as 100 / 100 ??


Setiing a Min at say 0, and setting Max at 100, would perform random delays between 0 to 100.
This would possibly appear as more human and natural keypressing…
Setting them both Min and Max at 100 would give you the consistant delay of 100ms.
In my Opinion, 100 is a good number for delay and should be just fine. Gl!
PunchKey 7.0 allows a safe option for keypressing, just set the key you want to repeat to a Green color…

does punchkey still work ? i have version 7 but cant get it to work on windows 10 how do i start/stop it?