Delete a local Macro?

Trying to understand how the editor works I created a couple of macros.
Even if I uninstall all the GS stuff and reinstall it the 2 macros are always in the list when I open the gs editor.
Where are they stored?
Is it possible to delete them?

Thank you in advance for your help

Im having the same problem

I’ll try and explain the best i can.

If you are making addons in game by using /GSSE > Copy > Past > Import - Then it will saves it everywhere within your WTF folder.

How to fully delete it? Shut down World of Warcraft and then follow step by step:
1: Go to your - World of Warcraft Folder > WTF > Account > (the account you made the macro on) > SavedVariables > GS-Core
Now delete the macros you want to which is most likely between [“SequenceLibrary”] = { AND [“debug”] = false,
(dont forget to leave the -> }, <- above [“debug”] = false,

Now to step two! (I know… Right!)
2: Go to your - World of Warcraft Folder > WTF > Account > (the account you made the macro on) > (now you pick the server name you made the macro on) > (toon name)
in that folder you will see two folders named: macros-cache
inside both these folders you will want to delete anything with the name of the macros you want to delete. it would be max 2 to 3 lines (depends on what folder)

Now log back into World of Warcraft and be happy!

Im not sure if there is any other way you can delete the macros but there is a other way you can write these macros and that is the way i prefer to do it and also it wont save the macros everywhere.

Once you install the GS-Core it will create 3 folder inisde your Interface > AddOns
Also thats where the macros are saved (thoes who is inside your macro folder ingame after you installed the addon) but NOT thoes you create byt using the /GSSE ingame command.

Alright ill just explain how you create/add the macros outside world of warcraft
First of all go to your Interface > AddOns folder and find the 3 folders that is named GS-…
The folder that is named GS-DraikMacros rename it to GS-myMacros and open the folder and rename GS-DraikMacros to GS-myMacros
By doing that you will avoide that any updates will overwrite the folder and deleting any macros you have saved there.¨
Next off you go into the folder named Macros inside GS-myMacros :wink:
In there you will see the name of all classes, find yours open the file and you will most likely see all the macros that followed the addon when you installed it.
You can delete or add new macros to the file as you like. just copy the whole macro from the forum here and past it into the file and you can leave wow up and running while doing so and uploade them in to the game once you added or edit anything within the macros.

Example: Start wow and log in to your toon > open the file copy past a new macro or edit one of the macros that you have already > save the file > go back into wow and do a /reload > now type /GS and it will upload the macro into your macro folder ingame. (i believe that you can now also use the command /GSSE ingame and edit them there without it being saved in the WTF folder) But i havent tried yet i just open the file and edit it there and doing the /relaod ingame and you only need to do the /GS command if you add a whole new macro and not when you only edit a macro.

That is pretty easy and you avoid saving them all over the WTF folder.

Thank you very much Zanyz.
Very helpful.

Zanys thanks

thx a lot m8

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I can’t import anything. I tried changing the folders like here but as soon as I add something to it and reload, I get an error. Am in complete idiot mode now.error

Guessing these forums aren’t all that active.