Delete this old macro



thank you very much for me the best macro!!!

what traits are you using for this?

the macro is compatible with any trait, however for affliction warlocks the best ones for single target are cascade calamity, wrackling brilliance and overwhelming power. Also my main essence for raiding is condensed life force, and the crucible of flame and essence of the focusing iris. For m+ for main i use focusing iris, then crucible of flame and condensed life force.
It will be wise to use at least 1 trait of inevitable demise since the macro build around 50 stacks for it.

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thanks man ill look and see if I have them traits on my gear

she’s not walking me for the macro and I do not know why

It wont let me make a icon. copied it 2 times and get the same result.

Probably because you have too many macros created . Check /macro and look. Delete those you dont use and try create a new icon from GSSE and it will work.
Best Regards

only have 3 diffrent macros for this character. 1 for each spec, and the other specs macros work. o not sure what is causing this one not to make a icon.

I tested your macro and i like it. But i can’t edit it to add any Heart of Azeroth essences. Any suggestions?

it wont let me edit it

impossible d’importer la macro… et mal mise doit etre en orange

this macro is discontinued, i posted a new macro that can be edited to your choice, thanks.

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