Demon Hunter Tank 7.1.5

Hello Mates
I created a Tank Macro hope you Enjoy it !
you cant Lvl easy up to 110 Dungeons Nhc/Hc/Mythic and Raiding !
this Macro keeps your Buffs up and make Rotation!
Castable Spells like Silencer, Jump, Trinket uses you can [mod:alt/shift/ctrl] it easy by set it in the PreMarcro section
also this Build im playing is 3323311 Spell 106 i choice Quickened Sigils: This ability causes all sigils to activate 1 second faster (1 second explosion) and reduces their cooldowns. It reduces the cds too: Flame - 24, Silence - 48, Misery - 48.
and i Macro them with
#showtooltip (spell)
/cast [@cursor] (spell)
you can choice what ever you like to play with it ! for me i like to be mor in Action :smiley:
Also Throw Glaive is not a Rotation Spell it is only for Range Pull!
(for any Legendary just set your right reset=timer)
Now show them the Evil Face xD

Sequences['Hellboy'] = {
  Talents = "3323311",
  Help = "Build for Leveling ! Dungeons Nhc/Hc/Mythic! and Raiding ! ",
  MacroVersions = {
    [1] = {
      StepFunction = [[Sequential]],
        "/targetenemy [noharm][dead]",
        "/use [mod:shift] Throw Glaive",
        "/cast Shear",
        "/castsequence  reset=20  Empower Wards",
        "/castsequence  reset=60  Fiery Brand",
        "/castsequence  reset=40  Soul Carver",
        "/castsequence  reset=13  Immolation Aura",
        "/castsequence  reset=9  Demon Spikes",
        "/castsequence Shear, Shear, Shear, Shear, Soul Cleave",

I believe, that the resets only work for when the button isn’t pressed. So the Empower Wards won’t recast until the macro button hasn’t been pressed for 20 seconds.
Whenever I run it, though, Demon Spikes go off back to back and are rather useless at the beginning of the fight. Everything seems to be firing off ok and, sequence wise, it looks like it’s ok.
I’d probably take out Demon Spikes maybe even Soul Carver depending on your preference.

for me works fine !
i just click one Button with normal Speed and not Spaming!
with the reset Timer he ignor the spell to cast when its on CD!
when the Spell comes of CD he will cast the Spell before next spell!
only Prob is when starting anyfight you will 1time over Cap Fury by 1-2 Shear before Soulcleave!
i tryed to take 1-2 shear out but then not stacking enough Fury it doesnt work flawless!
i had around 840gs and Tanking MythicsPlus 1-5 without any Probs! (Time your CC’s/interrupts/Kite)
im playing with this Makro since Patch im Now 855gs No Legendary and make in a (3Minutes Fight)!
1Target= 160kdps constant 3Targets= 250kdps constant
Demon Spikes are rather useless at the beginning of the fight !?
Demon Spikes= 20%parry + reduce damage taken by 26% + Artefactweapon skill (Defensive Spikes) +10%Parry/3sec when activated + Talent99 (Razor Spikes) +30% increased your physical damage when activated!
Now pls Explain me why Demon Spikes should not always hold on CD instantly? the GCD is 13sec…
for my playing im trying to use Demon Spike 2-3 Second after the last Spike gone to give the GCD of Demon Spike time to reproduce another stack GBC=13sec Buff=6sec! recast after buff disapear + 3sec ! so im waiting always for a new stack like 3-4sec in between i you other spells in that 3-4sec so actually im holding Demon Spike permanently Up in the fight with just 3-4sec waiting for stack!
when would you like to use it explain me pls ? maybe i dont understand how Demon Spike work!
im never drop under 80% Life until it is Tov Mythic+5 1st thrash group with Dragon ! it happen that i drop to 30% and then Metamorphos only @ this point i need my Big CD to pump up Life ! other times not drop under 80%

is this one still up to date for the new patch ?

Yes it is i am currently using works well

any idea on best usage for AHK? Tried in a mythic+ last night on anywhere from spamming to normal speed and I just couldn’t seem to get it to work right. My demon hunter is currently 861 and was losing aggro quite often. Just from eye-ing it in game it looked like it wasn’t casting shear and instead would just sit there and auto-attack in a lot of situations.