Demonology AOE

I’m fairly new to creating castsequence macros and I’ve run into a wall with a Demonology AOE rotation for farming/power-leveling. What I’m trying to do is maximize uptime on Immolation Aura, while casting Touch of Chaos in between for Soul Leech (to avoid being dazed).

Immolation Aura is constantly falling off and I think it’s because my targets pulled by AOE end up behind me as I run past them/or die too quickly (1.5-2.5 seconds to Touch, 5+ seconds to Immo), preventing the macro from progressing to Immolation Aura and Demonic Leap.

/castsequence reset=.6 0,0,0,Touch of Chaos
/castsequence reset=.6 0,0,Immolation Aura
/castsequence reset=.6 0,Demonic Leap
/cast [combat] Dark Soul: Knowledge
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]

I’m not entirely sure how to have it cast Immo/Leap without having a target to cast Touch at first, so any help would be appreciated. I think this would also allow me to have a 2 minute reset on Aura of the Elements too, if at all possible.