Demonology Lazy Macro – 4.3

And macros keep flowing, this time with demonology warlock. This lazy macro works with a smooth rotation, even though I had to add Bane of Doom into it (I know it lasts 1 min but Blizzard needs to give me more characters in the macro to separate it), anyway most of the times targets dont last that long. Besides that, it has a modifier for when Soulburn comes up, you can cast Soul Fire right away. Other than popping up cooldowns is just another 1 button spam macro.

No shadow bolts because is a lazy macro and you don’t want to waste time on them instead of using incinerate while the buff proc is on.

/castsequence [mod]Soul Fire;reset=target Curse of the Elements,Bane of Doom,Immolate,Hand of Gul'dan,Corruption,Incinerate,Incinerate,Incinerate,Incinerate,Incinerate
/castsequence reset=20 Metamorphosis,Immolation Aura,Demon Soul
/cast Soulburn
/use 13

Macro Explanation:

Don’t forget to Drain Souls or Soul Harvest in order to get more Soul Shards to make the Soulburn spell to work!

UPDATED May 12, 2011: Removed Dark Intent
UPDATED June 1, 2011: Added Curse of the Elements to the rotation (thanks to Strokr).
UPDATED July 8, 2011: Added upper trinket slot, can be modified to lower or any other slot number.

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