Destro - Lazy and Fun- 2700DPS @ 3700 GS ( Target Dummy)

Run this at 100-150 Logitech software… in heroics very nice single target at this time with just using heroic gear and preraid lists found on LOON addon. Still decent seed spam as well on trash. I opted out of Shadow Fury just because I really am lazy and I can’t be bothered using that spell I know it causes a DPS drop doing so but I’m still topping charts on fights without it ( CASUAL GAMEPLAY ) with addition of corruption as well you can just TAB target trash pacs and apply immo and curse of agony on every target and just let the macro run on the last one… stuff is dead before anything drops off usually’




This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.29.

Amazing macro tbh , works really well for the 1buttom destro guys :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks :slight_smile: I am just about to post one for Dragonflight as well now that I have finally got around to leveling my lock.

Can you post one as this one does not work at all for me the spells are all numbers

how did you get this to work ?

Ill jump in WRATH shortly and check it out its been a minute since i played wrath … :slight_smile: and repost after testing.

Everything is in order … check the talent tree and mach it to the one i posted… Hope that fixes everything :slight_smile:

are all ranks up to date on spells?


You may need to delete your ranks after every spell in the macro itself. [Rank 4] , [Rank 9] Etc… once you delete all the ranks in the macro and save again it will replace the ranks with your own automatically. So just delete everything in the brackets and incl the brackets … Hope that helps. Apart from that I don’t know what to tell ya :slight_smile:

“Your macro works wonderfully; I’m very satisfied. Could you please add ‘Curse of Doom’ and ‘Curse of the Elements’ to the macro? It would be great if ‘Curse of Agony’ could also be assigned to a modifier like Alt: Ctrl, as long as it’s still in the macro. In this way, ‘Curse of Doom’ and ‘Curse of the Elements’ would be overwritten by ‘Curse of Agony.’ Additionally, if possible, could you incorporate modifiers like Mod:Shift or Mod:Alt?”

Thank you :slight_smile: glad you enjoy the macro… I haven’t played Wrath in ages. But I am sure I can add the curses to mods especially if it’s just those 3. You will just need to monitor them yourself. I will jump on today at some point and make those changes and hopefully have a working macro for ya today.


as promised… Now I added the modifiers … shift is for Doom … ctrl is Elements and ALT is Agony feel free to change them around. Now I use Elv-ui and I have had to set my keybinds to reflect the modifiers in the macro … so I run the macro on button 1 bar 1 … i have that keybind to 1 (default) but I have had to add CTR + 1, SHIFT + 1, and ALT+1 to button one on my action bar… Its a known Elv-UI bug and that is how I work around it… if you are not using elv UI you should be fine.

here is a little macro I made as well to cast Life Tap and then Drain Life for those times I’m low on Mana… just make a normal macro for that, GSE is not needed.

/castsequence [nochanneling] Life Tap, Drain Life



Talents: Wrath CLASSIC

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.50.

ORIGINAL MACRO WITH AGONY INCLUDED FOR TRUE LAZY IS STILL FINE … above post just an edit from a request :slight_smile:

Hello buddy I thank you for the quick answer thank you again, and yes as you said the first works perfectly, at the 2nd that was a little wish of mine because you usually only play with CoD or CoE (if required) and CoA usually uses in the final phase in the execution phase or at Adds. and thanks for the little extra macro :slight_smile:

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