Destro OneStop Macro

I took all the available info and sims that!/Home/ had done and created a macro that throughly pushes out the dps. With the right azerite traits and buffs this macro preforms right on par or just below what my person sim produced

Personal Sim Results: Click Here



  • This macro Does NOT contain Havoc within its code. To keep the macro to 100ms
  • Havoc should be manually cast
  • AHK: 100ish

typo in the ctrl Unending Resolve

i just checked the macro and it is showing as correct

I use this macro for all the M dungeons. It’s running great. Also I tested at the raid dummy, it’s about 7K for 3 minutes fight. My simulationcraft shows my DPS should be 8.8K.

i started using this macro today feels nice and smooth i’m only lvl 111 and i’m putting out about 3k with this

Hi there,

I have such a noob question.

I know there is a way to make the mod keys work, but I can’t find the post that has the info about it. Could someone please link it or tell me how to do it?

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Make sure none of the in-game controls are linked to those buttons also it going through settings then controls I think. Otherwise they should be working.

Hello, Dear Fellow Lock :wink:

Mod Keys are, but a pain in the proverbial “cushion” LOL.

Well, that’s a generalisation, and those aren’t good as a principle; but it took me ten days (1/2 hour/day) to sort out my Mod keys problem!

I’d add; look at GSE prefs, WoW interface key bindings, your computer FN bindings and any other “thing” that has to do with “keys” (in my case my Razer OrbWeaver).

As I said; an unnecessary pain in the …