Dez's Destro Very Much Improved

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Thanks for this great macro. Some feedback: (not for you to change the macro or anything, but people may choose to do this)

  1. The infernal is a BIG CD for destro lock - it likely shouldn’t be macro’d in to use at 100% uptime - because you’ll not have it for the bigger encounters… eg) if you target a critter and use the 3m infernal CD this is a waste - I have it on my 2nd button on a cast @cursor macro

  2. Soul Fire talent vs Eradication talent can be swapped as needed

  3. Cataclysm is a big burst loss if u respec to Fire and Brimstone… BUT it may be better for you depending on how good you are at managing the CD of cataclysm.

  4. Reverse Entropy talent vs Internal Combustion - play around with which one is doing better for your DPS.

Will be interested to hear what other people think. Personally, this does less DPS than my current macro, but I think that’s very user dependant.

Thanks again!

Very Much Improved this macro should see a substantial dps gain now.

very nice macro i only change i would make is make a tab 2 and instead of summon Imp i would change it to voidwalker for those people who want to level with it… but i like this one a lot keep up the great work

Thanks ya changing the summon part is no problem but you shouldn’t have a problem soling with this one even with imp out i did :slight_smile:

I don’t see how cataclysm is a burst loss while you put immolate to all the mods around and it does dmg when it lands so it is useful even fighting 1 mod (I am not using any macro now while playing destro tho) and Fire and Brimstone is only useful when u have a lot of mods to aoe, probably you using cataclysm the wrong way and that is why u lose burst dmg (manually my rotation = cataclysm, infernal, Dark Soul: Instability, Conflagrate 2 times with 5 shards chaos bolt 2 to 3 times and incinerate as a filler) in my opinion u will lose more dps if u must put immolate manually to every mod (when u have more then 1 mod) And I am using an pvp talent build, anyway I will try the macro out and give my opinion later on.

Peace and be wild,

I tried the macro out on my destro lock at the moment lvl 103 and I do round 2.3 burst dps at the moment on an lvl 102 training dummy (manually I did 2.0 burst dps so a slightly improvement) the only thing I took out the macro was Soul Fire because I am using Flashover as talent and like I said in the post before I am using an pvp talent build. For the rest it works pretty good!!

Peace & Be Wild.

I like this macro, so far however, by chance, do you know which part I would need to remove for it to stop trying to cast my trinket?
It’s fine the first cast but then I am faced with “you can’t do that yet” or something like that. It would be ok, if I didn’t have epilepsy, and wow is already a “fun” game to play with it, without that statement flashing constantly within eye level, haha.

@Nferia Open GS, click on the macro you want to edit, select the number you want (eg: 1,2) and un-check the trinket slot on the right side.

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Ok, this thing is amazing. But I am experiencing 1 problem.

I am not raiding with this, just doing world quests at the moment so i took out Summon imp and firebolt because of it since im using voidwalker. So I dont feel like its because of something I did but at times it will get stuck on casting Immolate constantly. Its not when changing targets or anything it will just cast immolate like 3-5 times in a row.

If you are not using AHK you need to.

is there a way to cast cata on target, i hate the mouse over stuff

Negative. It’s a placed AOE and thus cannot be targeted at a specific enemy. Cast @cursor or use manually.

I forget, do the pet abilities need to be added? for instance with the Imp do we need to also manage casting Singe magic or Flee or Firebolt as well?

You can if you want but just setting them to auto will apply them.

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Hi. Thanks for the macro. Does anyone know why it chooses to spam immolate sometimes on end and how I can fix that?

how can someone change Infernal to a shift,alt,CTRL key? want to only use him when i need him, like for bosses or harder fights.

If it spams the immolate do a /reload

just take the infernal part out and put it on a different key.

i know i can do that. was asking if you knew how to do it and keep it in the macro. just wondering before i did the other thing. :slight_smile: