DH DPS by Gimli 10.2 Pre 4pc Tier

And we are back with another banger. Hopefully this one helps somebody out there enjoy another day in Azeroth. This build is 1 button spammable, no modifiers, and none of that momentum stuff. Just target, and watch Netflix on the 2nd monitor :wink: Enjoy!!! Ran at 100 ms

The Macro ST & AoE ( Pre 4 pc tier )


Talents ( Pre 4 pc tier )


This one works really good, nice work!

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how would it be if macro reset on target instead of combat? do you know how to do that?

Amazing for me. Great Work. :star_struck:

Great job man works really well

bro - this is truly a work of art - i do think bladepro himself would be a tad envious

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@Inferno09550 This is high praise as Bladepro used to be the go to back in the days and coming from this guy @usmcguy!!!
Keep up the good work, can’t wait to try it!

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@Inferno09550 man this was 10K dps improvement for me in ST, that’s awesome!
Would be good to use it also with 4 set?

Thanks for your efforts

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I get a “You are trying to import from an old version” error. :frowning:
That said, thank you so much for making this. It’s apparent from all the kudos that is an incredible piece of work.

4pc requires a different talent build. Im clearing LFR, Normal, and Herois every week, and have not seen a single piece of tier yet lol. I know i have 2 catalyst charges, and KSM gives me a 3rd… just need 1 pc.

I am out of town till Saturday morning CST, but will ipdate GSE as soon as i get home and ipdate the original post. Hope that helps.

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Thank you! Safe travels!

Do you have a Patreon or someplace I can donate to thank you for taking the time to share this?

I never ask for anything for making these macros. I really enjoy playing WoW, and have learned a great deal from this site. As I have learned how the macros work, I started making my own as well, and have always shared them freely. That said If you feel the need to donate you can - But by all means this is NOT required. I dont have a Patreon ( as this was never my intent ) But I do have a option of Paypal.


Again - really not required, only putting this here as it was requested.

Is the 4pc for DH or for BM Hunter?

Doh - fixed - Hunter has 4pc … Fixed OP.

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any AOE macro mate!!!

It is St & AoE together, as most DH abilities hit multi target anyways.