Did they remove scripting?

im trying to do something like

/script if not buffed(“Aspect of the Monkey”) then cast(“Aspect of the Monkey”) end

but while it once worked it no longer does…

if anyone can make me a working one or confirm they removed it thanks.

Who is “they” (Did they removing scripting?)?

so i tried

/run local b=false; for i=1,16 do if(UnitBuff("player",i)) then if(string.find(UnitBuff("player",i),"ThunderBolt")) then b=true; break; end; end; end; if b==true then CastSpellByName("Judgement"); else CastSpellByName("Seal of Righteousness()"); end

on my paladin and basically they removed the ability to “IF” the message that popped up told me what i needed to know.

I have no clue as that doesn’t even look close to any macro that anyone writes but using the Search feature tells me that anything with “/script” in it hasn’t been used since 2017.

Try using a Weak Aura for those spells is probably the easiest way.

That looks like something that would need to have lua unlocked for, which I only remember from a decade ago…

youre wrong as a tank use this in a attack macro and make your life simple even today.

/script SetRaidTarget(“target”, 8);

or to keep skull

/run if UnitExists(“target”) then if GetRaidTargetIndex(“target”)~=8 then SetRaidTarget(“target”,8) end end

/run st=SetRaidTarget;ue=UnitExists;g=GetRaidTargetIndex;mo=“mouseover”;pl=“player”;tr=“target”;pt=g(pl);if ue(mo)then if g(mo)~=8 then st(mo,8)end elseif ue(tr)then if g(tr)~=8 then st(tr,8)end elseif pt==8 then st(pl,0)else st(pl,8) st(pl,pt or 0)end

but it does seem the system changed in legion… so you may be right on the date. they simply removed our ability to do ‘this’ IF ‘this’… which makes it not so classic to play classic. just retail with a bunch of stuff removed to seem like its an old version of the game.

The problem is it looks like you are trying to use items outside the combat sandbox within the sandbox. The problem isn’t the if use but the castspellbyname has been protected since The original BC. WoW Classic also uses the current api instead of its legacy api.

GSE adds /script lines to your macro actions based on the options you set without issue. You havnt seen these since 2017 as GSE has handled the boilerplate stuff so you didn’t have to.

well /run if not isSealActive() or IsShiftKeyDown() then castSoR() else castJudgement() end that for instance checks IF a seal is active. we cant anymore. thats from real tbc. not this not tbc. and as for gse ive been using normal /macro and razers macro maker to get stuff right. gse has gone down hill cant even put a ! infront of something from what i saw. i didnt come here for a gse macro. i came hoping someone had a script command.

Interesting no one has mentioned anything about ! Not working in GSE over at Issues · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler · GitHub so I can’t comment to that. If it was an issue and it impacted anyone I would have thought that someone by now would have mentioned it.

As BC Classic uses Retail’s API - the stuff that has been added after BC you are stuck with the rules as they have been for a long time. You can use /script in a normal macro but you are limited to the combat sandbox’s rules which means you can either look or cast. As soon as you look via isSealActive() then from that point on are no longer able to cast. In contrast the isShiftDown function is not protected and you can use that to your hearts content.

You can use an if as long as it doesn’t look outside the sandbox. BTW these rules came into effect with the original BC (patch 2.0.1). Private Servers generally don’t include these limits. The script you are trying would have worked in Vanilla WoW but would not have worked with the original BC. For more reading Secure Execution and Tainting - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft

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And just did a sanity check - /cast !Seal of Command worked perfectly in GSE on both WoW Classic and BC Classic on my 44 pally and 62 pally respectively.

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now try /castsequence [whatever you want] !whatever skill you want. this works in wows macros but not in gse. why the fuck would i lie to some rando online?

just incase others like me find this wanting to not have to worry about turning on there aspect. download buffomat and it will create the macro to check for your buff and not recast it. place that in your keyboard macro or if lets say using gse you can use /run print( GetMouseFocus():GetName() or ‘unknown’ ) to find that macros location and just put /click whatever its location was. youll now self buff like the good old days of /script if not buffed(“Aspect of the Monkey”) then cast(“Aspect of the Monkey”) end

it cant do it in combat but still better than having to constantly manually turn on aspect

I cant replicate this. It “just works” for me. I appreciate that this doesn’t help you but /castsequence !Aspect of the Viper, Steady Shot, Arcane Shot, Scorpid Sting works for me. Any chance you could submit a bug for this and upload your GSE.lua file to Issues · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler · GitHub ?