Difference between KeyPress and KeyRelease?


I would like to create the following Macro:

/run MouselookStop()

Key Release:
/cast [@cursor] Sigil of Flame
/run MouselookStart()

However, it looks like the commands under Key Release trigger on KeyDown - Is there any way to perform 1 action on keypress down and a different action on keypress up?

The devil is always in the detail.

KeyPress is prepended to every sequence line and KeyRelease is postpended. Every time you hit your macro the combination of those three sections is sent to WoW to execute and it will process through the lines execute u TIL it gets to a stuck point.

A stuck point occurs when you have the second GCD ability in that combination. This is why you don’t put GCD abilities in keyPress and this will block out the later parts of your macro.

Where this gets interesting is that if your GCD ability in the body is on cooldown or unavailable as it’s only attempted once GCD ability wow will still execute the KeyRelease part giving the appearance that it just did keyPress and KeyRelease simultaneously.

KeyRelease will work exactly as you are intending but you cannot the. Spam the macro but have to press on ability and gcd cooldowns