Dire command with killer cobra

is there any macros out there that still use the killer cobra talent

Firstly, Killer Cobra is a Passive Talent.
Secondly, Your character actually simmed higher than AotB AND Bloodshed???

how is killer cobra passive

when bw is active cobra shot resets kill command

and yes it does beat Aotb and bloodshed

im using dire command lego

Because there’s no CD for that Talent making it Passive

Weird, mine’s a pretty big DPS loss (and of course I checked Icy Veins there and it wasn’t recommended, either):

i think it to do with gear your gear is low

NEVER use Icy Veins … its so out dated and like old school 10 years ago stats and talents


Really? Out-dated? How? You do know if you scroll all the way to the bottom of a section for Hunters that Azortharion puts the current date when he updates things (which is current, up to date and on Discord).

As for stats and Talents it’s the same as above…

But you’re probably right. We shouldn’t listen to someone who is a theorycrafter of all things Hunter-related for many years. And an accomplished player with dozen of top parses for all Hunter specs throughout the game’s history…

Like I just mentioned in a previous post:" Icy Veins is a generic GUIDE not tailored to everyone’s character. Yes, it’s awesome and Azor is extremely knowledgeable but the best results you are going to get are through Raidbots."

…or should we not use Raidbots either…? Simming has been around a long time, too, and most likely old-fashioned. My suggestion is to sit in front of a Training Dummy and keep track of Talents, Conduits, stats, etc., manually for 15,000 times and compare them-you, know, kinda like Raidbots does-no, exactly like Raidbots does.

Maybe it’s me because I misconstrued your sentence because you were going to write more or you just forgot to put a period at the end of your sentence.

I do believe Kia is thinking of Noxxic

no i’m not wrong or crazy Icy viens is most of the time wrong or dont match others sites and just not right …
as for raidbots its a toss up . reason beeing is most all dps sites like that is u must be computer like to get those results human results will never be like those sites.
and some people don’t use periods but these are for u … is that good grammar police . or peroid police. or what should we call you today . do you correct some one for saying “lol” or “nvm” or many other acronyms…have a great day .

Well, if IV is so wrong, why not check out the builds and rotations of those in the top dps spots for their specc on Warcraft logs…they pretty much line up.

As for Raidbots, of course it doesn’t work like a human would, it removes all errors that could arise and gives you the best possible results for your build and then makes suggestions for bettering yourself.

Here’s a question, how is IV wrong most of the time?

What “other sites” are you referring to?

…and as far as grammar, try using caps…

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