Disable block blanks entire macro screen

If I disable any block(s) in a macro and exit out, the entire macro becomes a blank page when I re-open GSE to edit it again. The window has no options for raw edit, compiled template or delete version. None of the action blocks are available as well, just a simple black screen where the action blocks and options used to be. I’ve tried closing out gse, logging out and back in the game and neither of those worked to restore the macro to an editable state. I found one other post in troubleshooting on this back in 2019 that didn’t receive any replies so not sure how to fix this. (previous post I’d found is GS editing screen blank)

I’m having a similar issue… Whenever I try to add a loop block the macro page becomes blank…

There are multiple bugs with 3.0 at the moment. They are aware of them on GitHub and are working on them. I’ve been playing my chars manually for the time being, forgot what a pita it is to mash 6+ buttons in rotations. Find myself dead most the time from looking at my spell bars lol.