Disabled - please help me

Hello, I want to thank the creator of this site first off.
Secondly to anyone that can assist me.

You see, I am disabled and cannot play that well, and am always dying.
I used to be able to macro good and playing was fun for me.

It has become a source of frustration lately to play. Something that is pretty much the main part of my day and night. I don’t get out much. I am deaf also. So I have some issues being able to raid / guild etc.

I just want to be able to solo / play like I used to. I just upgraded my paladin to 90, I would like to use Retribution. Gnomesequencer always gives me the stupid error that its missing the sequences.lua so i gave up on that.
Anyhow, please help me ?

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Post your sequences file. There’s probably a typo, or you are using the wrong ’ or something.