DISC 5.4 (Become a Healing God like Me!…)

Hello Zeph, you have to install an addon to extend the characters limit.
You can find more information here: https://wowlazymacros.com/forums/topic/macro-toolkit-new-sdm-replacement-and-much-more

really apreciate it, thanks!

Im very new to macros, so im not quite sure how they are supposed to perform. I say this because in your AOE and Raid, BG macro, i find myself spamming my buttons with nothing happening. Are these macros optimizing mana consumption too? And instead of spamming flash of light/ prayer of healing there is a forced timeout? Also cascade is used freely and i typically use it when i need burst aoe heals, what is the benefit to add cascade to the rotation?


All of the macros on this website require an addon called MACRO TOOLKIT, which can be found at

Macro Toolkit is a macro extender and perfectly allowed in wow. All the addons on curse are allowed to be used in game.

very good thank you very much for the macro

haha. You are welcome. Im glad you like it buddy. I will also post my shadow ones soon.

Thanks for this macro. I used it while leveling to 90 by just tweaking and removing Cascade. It woked perfectly. Now that I’m 90 though, the Shadowfiend doesn’t fire off when I started using the original macro. No idea why. No hidden characters/returns or anything when I checked it. Was I missing a talent or glyph?

Renew lasts for like 12 seconds or something, and Prayer of Mending has a 10 second CD. Why not cast Renew right after PoM each time like this:

/castsequence reset=1.0 Prayer of Mending,Renew


Chris any news from shadow macros?

Need a pvp one!!!



Yah sorry I havent been playing in the past few weeks. I havent even logged into the game. I promise 100% to do it sometime this weekend. I am working 7 days per week right now.

Sorry about that.

I am lvling another priest so that I can gear for shadow and heals at the same time. Will be epic; well once I find the time to lvl it. I love priest.

Hi There,

What does the ! in /cast !Power Word: Shield actually mean?

! forces the macro to prioritize a specific ability which in this case is Power Word Shield.

Thank you Chris much appreciated.

anytime buddy.I wont be playing wow till the next xpac but always willing to help everyone out. Looks like you are my age. I am in my late 30s. Nice to see others my age in the game; haha.

I am sticking with my PS3; Diablo 3 and Call of Duty and Black Ops all the way. Diablo 3 on the console is way way way better than the PC. Any of you guys play it?

Yep late thirties, I’ve only actually recently started playing wow so learning all this macro business :slight_smile: I play D3 on PC never tried on the consoles.

I used to play D3 on the pc as well, but its way way better on the console. There isnt even a comparison. Way Better!.. I re-leveled all my toons back up.

Much apprich for that macro! =) Made my priest healing much much more enjoyable.
I have one question tho, What is the best way to maintain your mana? I’m having some huge issues with that part, I know my gearing isn’t optimal since this is an alt on another server and I don’t have much time to play that one, But I’m struggling a lot in mid fight. Could I replace the flash heal with greater heal so I can save some mana and then use the procs when needed? Or something more mana friendly untill I get some more gear from the new raids.

Thx again for the macro.

Bro; yes you can replace it with Greater Heal, but I would instead replace it with Heal and keybind Greater Heal Separately. I dont see why you are going oom. Are you using Healing Gear?

This is a pvp macro but still DISC is extremely mana efficient. Are you using the talent that gives you FREE FLASH HEALS?? If not then you should. You could also use Mind Bender and add it into the macro. There are a lot of things you can do. DISC is extremely good with mana efficiency.

I’m using the talents suggested and glyphs, Mind bender is an option yes, removed that from talents just to try different things.

But I guess the answer lies there I’m using this macro in pve =)