Disclaimer to every user before posting "update please"

Greetings, just a quick disclaimer.

We, the creators, need time to update our works.

Remember that we’re living things, we have our lives, works, and so on… Think about that before you post 5 min after a patch something like “UPDATE PLEASE NOT WORK”.

With this patch, few talents were messed up and not the macro itself so before you come and post like that, test it out. Think about the talents (normally we put screenshots) so if there’s info on talents before and talents now… arrange the points and play till we update it.

And remember this in your mind… NEVER! NEVER! after you spammed creator’s thread go into MP and spam him with bullshit to update the macro. Example:

Spam in Thread (2 hours ago 09:44 GMT+1):

Spam MP (2 hours ago 09:44 GMT+1):

Things like this will make creators have ZERO intents to update their works. Be polite with the creators.


Thank you and all the authors for the work you put into the macros!