Disconnect in Raid Bosses, Relog to find GSE unusable until bossfight ends?

ANyone else experience this? Where they get booted as soon as teh fight starts for starting their autofire [using CUE personally] for their GSE macro and then relogging quickly back in to find that it doesn’t work until the boss is down?

ya it is happened with me if i am doning quest or mythic+ if i got dc and come back quickly the GSE wont work untel i am out of combat i don`t way :frowning:

something similar just happened to me in a random battleground. my sound went out and GSE stopped working immediately and never returned. i had to exit out of the game and when i returned my ElVui setting and GSE settings were erased. it was like i was logging onto a new computer for the first time.

GSE uses a lot of funky under the scenes things in WoW’s API. The problem is that it can only setup those things when you are out of combat. That means that until you are clear of combat it cant finish the init and setup