disconnected while using macro

Hey guys/girls

First of all thx for all the great macro’s on this forums.

I just have a problem using them.
I get disconnected from the WOW server and have to reload the game.
Every instance i disconnect after 5-30 seconds.
I use my mouse scroll (logitech G700 gaming mouse).

Does any of you have the same problem and knows the solution to solve this problem?

Have a nice day / good gaming

Sincerly yours,

Hi Wimm

I have the same problem with Beast master macro. It worked fine and tonight for some reason in Ashran It keeps disconecting me after about 30 sec lols. So also looking

I did see this on other forum so maybe try it? Somebody made mine i have auto hotkey installed but dont know how to actually do it to work with key V and C

here is what they say
(I have boosted my repeat to 125ms on my main spam keys, and have not had a disconnect since.

yes i read the message. But how do you boost your ms on a spam button?

I had similar problem in the past, using a razor mouse macro, had the delay repeat set to 0.050 , changed this to 0.046 and was fine. also if your doing a repeat macro make sure you have a delay at the end or the start.