Disconnecting in Torghast

Hi all,
I’m working on a remote mine site and the camps wifi is terrible. About the only thing I can do is dailies and the occassional Torghast run.
Trouble is I quite often disconnect in there, and when I log back in GSE just doesn’t want to work. Reboots, reloads etc do not work. The only way to get it back is to exit Torghast.
Does anyone else have this problem? And is there a way to get it working again without leaving the instance?

Hello @jim-davis

Happened to me a few times, all the bars seem like “read only” not able to click and mouse over it.

Have you tried droppin’ out of combat, maybe that should regain GSE to work again.


GSE can’t “reset” after a disconnect until you get out of combat. You can’t “modify” a macro in combat. If you log in in combat GSE can’t finish its setup and waits till you leave combat to do so.

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