Discord links by class

I have the hunter site and go to it all the time to help my hunter. I can ask questions about macros and hunter things. It helps me a great deal playing her. However, I have 2 other classes I play and was wondering if there are discords for other classes? I would love to join those also.

Love the program!! Thanks

Would love a rogue only discord lol

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Thanks m8 I’ll definitely check this out

These are the discord links for class, I was wanting the GSE discord links by class. The hunter one is Deadly Hunters Camp. Are there any of these for any other classes?

None that I know of other than DHC, sorry.

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Thanks for looking for me. I feel that there must be, just have to find them :slight_smile:

Someone has to create them for you to be able to find them.

aww thanks Timothy…I was hoping that the creators for the other class macros would have done that but from your comment I gather they have not. :frowning: