Dismount macro dragonriding

is there a way to make a dismount macro when to press control because its hard on dragonriding and you see a rare and want fast attack and you cant dismount.
im thinking of 1 when pressing control like for aoe etc and you dismount and the rest of the macro fires off.
hope someone can help

You can make a /cancelaura macro with the name of the dragon riding type you are using.

For example:
/cancelaura Renewed Proto-Drake

Put your keybind in the Hotbar whilst mounted, just the first one, it will work. I put my ST in the first slot on the mounted hotbar, and it works just like is “should”. I hope that made sense, I’m a bit tired.

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Why not just add your macro to the dragon riding toolbar. As soon as you use your macro it will dismount you. I generally use key 2 and it used to make me dive. I moved everything else one button right and put my macro on 2.

Edit: what asundras said

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also when you get close enough to the target, right clicking it will dismount you from your dragon. found this out recently.

you can also add a line to your current mount macro such as.
/dismount [advflyable]
this will dismount you if you are mounted in an advanced flyable area (Dragon Riding)