Dixey's Outlaw - Please Test

Hello all! Here is my attempt at an Outlaw Rogue macro. The way I play: I have Pistol Shot, Dispatch, Between the Eyes, and S&D on my skill bar and manually use them. I for those that may have trouble with manual, I have included Ambush, BTE, and Dispatch on modifiers. I did not put S&D on mod as it pretty easy to keep up.

Note: this is a M+/Dungeon build, not raid. I am working on include BR into another macro for ST. If you want to use this for raid, trait raid talents and cast BR manually on CD. Then use this macro.

I have included an Opener and a Main Macro below:

Use before pull if CDs are up, it will cast BF, RTB, Adrenaline Rush, and then Ambush. Make sure you are not in melee range when BF goes off or it will pop you out of steath, after BF and steath, move to target and when you see numbers, move to the main macro.




This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.51.

Main Macro:
Use this for all
Shift: Slice and Dice
Alt: Between the Eyes
Ctrl: Pistol Shot




This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.51.

Issue I am having: Energy starvation, my guess is either because of the amount if SS I am casting in the macro, or because of me spamming PS when Opportunity procs and I am getting some off at full energy instead of half, feel free to play with it and let me know your thoughts.

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For those that wish to know, I run this at 100ms using Razer Synapse

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Testing now, will respond with feedback

you have a lot of core outlaw mechanics either not in your macro, or you have to use alt/shift/Ctrl to activate.

imo, it’s like not even using a macro.

you can do this manually.

there’s got to be a way to macro outlaw with 1 button.

I am doing a lot manually, I just do not have access to all of my fingers like most, so I need to macro some. That being said, its difficult to macro everything and have perform at a higher level, but it is a work in progress. I can throw in Slice and Dice, but it stays up well without adding it. I can try to weave in Dispatches and put Pistol Shot on modifier as well, or weave it in. Ill test it. Between the Eyes really should be manual from everything I have read and what I am seeing with playing. It has windows where you want to use it maximize your DPS.

Main Macro updated:

Added some Pistol Shots and Dispatches into the macro, and put PS on mod as well. Did some initial testing and I can already see some improvement. I will need to add in some more abushes as these are not firing when they should, though I did not see it miss a window.

Been trying this one for a little time now, i like the idea of it and atm the best one to pull dmg with, will try to improve it if i can, but please keep up the good work

Ty David! Always appreciate feedback. I will be getting back to rogue here soon, so I will update as I work out some things.