Hello guys,

I need a Good Macro for my DK.

I use SDM without any problems apart from the initial error in Global (of no consequence).

GS is too accident prone and “risky” for my blood, tried the damn thing, but thanks, no thanks …

Any good macro for me over there?

99.9 PvE here.


“risky” ? what do you mean

There is nothing “Risky” about GS, maybe the lack of knowledge on how to use it


I hoped for a Macro; instead I got a question and an opinion :smiley:

The “risky” part is about Blizzard TOS; have you ever read it to the end?

GS “modus operandi” is clearly forbid, so IMHO it’s a question of time to Blizz to act.

About knowledge; well with great intellectual effort and a lot of help I managed to use it successfully, but I simply don’t like it :slight_smile:

Any good NON GS macros anyone?


GS is within the Blizzard ToS.

One click = one action.



If you use GS you should pray that Blizzard keeps turning a blind eye to it :slight_smile:

Any good NON GS macros anyone?


About a non GS macro… I can’t help you with that. Not with a updated and working one at least.
I deleted most normal macro’s or the ones for macro toolbox. I’m also not using or used to toolbar switching macros.
When I want to start using them again, I’ll have to install macro toolkit again and look-up some sequences here on the site.
Most Non-GS macros are mentioned as “non GS”. Just dive into some posts that aren’t older than 6-10 months.

About using GS… It’s allowed by Blizzard, because it’s not totally automated and thus not a bot.
with a bot you turn it on and can go for a snack or something, and that’s not the case with GS.
You have to do a lot yourself to.
Also when they want to block GS, i know for sure that a whole lot of people leave. Or better said, they Have to leave, because they can’t play this game anymore.
(And no, not because they are banned or something. I mean the people who have some kind of handicap. When that happens, I’ll be one of the people who probably will sue them.)
And Blizzard will have to pay back the remaining amount of to them.