DK Blood Tank - Solo Dungeon

This is my first pass at my DK macro, so far have been able to solo every dungeon I’ve needed to. Glyph needed is Disease.

To begin you will want to put your diseases on a generic macro as an opener.

/castsequence reset=target Icy Touch, Plague Strike, nul

Can optionally put Pestilence at the end of the above macro to ensure you don’t waste the rune and get the proper initial spread, the main macro will take over once its up.

I manually press this as its important to get those diseases up first.

Then use the main macro


Hold Alt for “oh shit” Anti-Magic, Vampiric Blood and Icebound Fort.

The main macro will spread diseases automatically and renew them AoE as you switch targets.

A couple of extra macros I use (not required to function).

/cast Strangulate
/cast Mind Freeze

/use [@player]Death and Decay

I run @ ~100ms

But any build with Heart Strike will work.

Edit: Updated for 70

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For Talents just use Icy Veins or whatever you prefer. I go hard into full survivability talents but its not required.

Not sure where that comment went but to answer your question if an ability isn’t included in the rotation its generally something I like to use situationally. I don’t like to fully automate as a rule, I prefer to automate the core of a my rotations as it helps you stay competitive in DPS charts etc.

Glad you like it, won’t be playing a DK in the expansion but will try and update it when I get a chance.

thanks for the macro as it helped me get up and running at 62 to start soloing BF.

all i had to do was edit some ranks of abilities real fast and boom, worked pretty well.

kind of an odd place to ask, but ive been just spamming the macro manually all these years, by pressing it by hand. what program do you guys 'Use" to “Run the macro at say 100ms”? i never understood that, any help at all?

A lot of mouse/keyboard companies have macro software in their firmware. I personally use a Razer mouse and will set up a macro there to spam the “1” key @ 100ms. Then you bind it to one of the mouse buttons and toggle it on and off as you need. Its useful to free up your left hand for movement and other actions.

If you don’t have a peripheral that uses macro firmware you can try AHK ( AutoHotkey. Its software that will run in the background and function the same way.

hi guys, im very new to this comunity but glad i found you. i just donloaded GSE but have no idea how to imprt this macro, for instance, where am i supposed to paste the “link” in the first post? (the main macro)
thanks in advance for the help. cheers.

Once you’ve gotten GSE just type /gse

You will see a button that says import just click that and then paste the above string into the box.

Greetingm is is possible to show your talent tree and the glyph you are using ?

thank you.

The glyph Disease is the only one you need, I think maybe the other one I am using is Death Strike.

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile: