"Do you have a Macro for Spec?"

Hey Everyone,

I get a ton of questions and PM’s asking do I have a macro for a particular spec or class.

I have 2 110 characters. A Horde Paladin and an Alliance Paladin. My main spec is Ret and the macros I use for those classes are part of the DB_ macro set. As I make improvements to those macros they will be released in that set. I use LPNV’s tanking macros that are also in the DB_ set. For any other classes or specs there are a bunch of forums here. Have a look at what is here and experiment. Tweak what someone else has started if its not performing the way you want and then share the improvement.

I can create a trial character, get the first artefact and try to work out a macro for you but I seriously doubt that’s what you want.


Take this macro for your retri