Dont get the DPS numbers

I have tryed everyone of these macros and still i only doing at max 2,5 K dps… much lesser then i did at legion. i have np clue what to do and i suck at this doing macros:) anyone that gets good numbers with these macros?

if ur ilvl is around 210, i think 2.5 is kinda ok.

check yourself, and compare

A fresh 110 with a 172 iLvl will do 1.2K-1.4K consistently. I know this because I have a few DPS toons fresh and every one of them is about 172iLvl and they all seem to max out around 1.3K

That’s because of the stat squish. No one is going to pull the 1mil+ they did in legion. Depending on your talents and gear (around 210 ilvl), 2.5k-2.7k is normal for monks right now.