Dont understand how to install and use

im new to wow and wanted to try out a macro so i was recommended to come here but dont understand how to install

Hello there KiraRyuk,

  1. Download GSE addon either using or manually from the following link:
  2. Browse the forums for the macro you would like to try and copy the string code.
  3. Go in-game and type /gse in the chat and hit Enter.
  4. Click Import Button, Paste the string you just copied from the site in the box with Ctrl+V (Windows) or CMD+V (Mac) and click again Import.
  5. Drag the ā€œ?ā€ question mark icon to your bar or if is a book icon then click the macro and click create icon.

Push it very fast by any means, until your keyboard explodes! LOL

We also have a Discord if you need more help on other specifics or want to hang out over there for quick chats.

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hi thank you i was able to install the app and download a bag addon and it worked but when it came to the macro and i typed /gse in the chat that part didnt work

Iā€™m getting on to stream in a few minutes, jump on it and I can demonstrate better?