DPS and LAZY macros and other players

So, I’m lazy and use varies Lazy macros for dps (no heals).

I have a Rogue and Pally (iLvl above 385) and I seem to have reached a ceiling as far as my dps goes, don’t know why, I have changed talents/macros etc… all the usual stuff to try and figure out why my dps is about half of my same spec peers!

I almost feel that they are using something that gives them a perfect rotation, I know my rotation but my figures would fall off during a 3 hour guild raid run but my peers seem to be in the top 5 dps each and every time, not only that, they also avoid all the bad.

There is just no way someone can mash those buttons that fast while at the same time be avoiding all the “bad” during a boss fight.

Something is off, I suspect that they are using some kind of dps hack that gives them a perfect rotation while all they do is pay attention to the mechanics!

I had asked a Rogue once what addons he was using and he pointed me to Weak Auras, lol!

I’m sure may of you have seen a Rogue or Pally doing insane damage during a world boos fight.

So, what do you all think?

Alot of factors at play here man. For one, I don’t play a rogue or pally so I have no idea how the macros on this site are for those classes. That being said, I’ve never seen anyone rave about any of them either…not like I have seen for hunters, dks, monks and warriors. (If I’m thinking right, those classes have some macros that parse 80%+ which is really great for a lazy macro, I have parsed 90%+ with some BM macros myself)

And speaking from experience from a guy who used to use a paid rotation bot way back when, I do know they do still exist. However, they aren’t used nearly as much as they used to be before the massive ban waves of a few years ago. You can always tell a paid bot user if they suddenly can’t raid on the Tues night after a significant patch since the bot needs to be updated to said patch. (yes that happened to me twice, food poisoning both times I think was my excuse to my guild)

Or those that are topping the meters are just that good. I simply can’t keep up these days doing the rotations myself. Nowhere near like I could when I started gaming as a teenager. I’m in my mid 30s now and simply can’t fire off a perfect rotation like I could when I first started back in Wrath on my destro lock. (I also think the rotations were a bit easier back then as well) But using these macros, I tell you what, I never fail at boss mechanics and that is the most important thing if you ask me. Cause I have a buddy that MUST MUST top meters with every toon he plays…but that MF’er fails at so many mechanics it’s not even funny anymore.

There are a lot of factors going into your question:

Gear, who/what is being fought, PVP vs PVE enviroments, if you are being healed, etc, etc, etc.

Having said that…

…almost no macro out there will give you a ‘perfect’ rotation; but some classes/specs do a better job of it than others.

Moreover, if you put your big CDs on another button/use a modifier, it will help get you where you want to be in terms of your numbers. :wink:

Spitz, thanks for replaying, greatly appreciate hearing from someone with experience.

My problem is (on my Ret. Pally or Rogue) is that Im NOT doing the same dps as (an example for my Pally) the other three Pallys are doing, I’m doing about 50% of what they are doing DPS wise, I know the rotation and I know that if I try to keep up with the rotation (everything on GCD) I will fudge up the mechanics and lay face down in the dirt, dead.

Gear is not the issue, I’m as geared as they are and the percentage of dps loss should be minimum but here I’m am, embarrassed that I cant pull the same dps as my peers.

Funny that a Rogue and warlock pull the same top dps almost to the digit, each and every time, Pallys pull over 50k aoe and about 20-24K on boss fights!

So, I have to wonder, are they that good?! I’m an old man, in Legion, I mashed the buttons myself (less GCD) but now, just cant do it and keep up with the mechanics (have to stay alive).

Maybe they are that good and I’m just bad but it sure sucks seeing the dps meters in Details in real time and well, you get the drift.

So, about GSE, even if GSE macros are not perfect (and they cant be), they should at least be 80-90% as good but it seems like none are (I have tried so many, I’m tired and fed up from trying any more of them), even made some modifications to some but my dps stays the same, it’s crazy!

I have some good ones that I use on my Pally (priority based) which at least keep my numbers some what respectable but otherwise, Lazy is not doing as good as, I guess, those uber players.

Which is why I suspect BOTs but there’s is no way to know, maybe they are that good.

John Q. exactly, I have all my big CD’s on a separate buttons (don’t blow them on trash), I mainly raid, in this case BfD.

We will be starting Heroic Thursday.

Try adding one of the following to your key press section of your macro and use it on boss pulls:

/cast [mod:shift] Battle Potion of Strength

/cast [mod:alt] Battle Potion of Strength

/cast [mod:ctrl] Battle Potion of Strength

Of course, having these potions in your inventory helps. :wink:

Lastly, you could be having low numbers because you might have a bad macro (Im not rolling a pally this expac, so I do not know the good ones). Your best bet is a grab a couple of macros and do some timed tests on the dummies and then roll some dungeons with the most promising one.

John Q., when we raid we have full buffs, food and flask so I just don’t think a swig of a onetime potion is going to get me much.

When we were doing Heroic Uldir, I was on par with other Pallys but it seemed like things started to change as I go better gear, so I just dont know what happened or what is going on, Seems like better gear just degraded my dps — just don’t know.

My stat selection on the gear is in-line with suggestions from askmrrobot and other sites (https://bloodmallet.com)

But the issue is that its not just my Pally, my Rogue, Warlock and SP all seem to be capped!
For my warlock I’m more or less rewrote a macro to be Priority and its firing as it should but on a good day, standing still I’m at about 10-12K (Affliction).

Putting all the BOT vs. GSE issues aside, Blizzard really screwed up most specs. Even if you follow your rotation to the letter, because of the GCD, the best dps you can do is on par or less than a poor GSE macro. So, given that a GSE macro can do just as well if not better than you breaking your fingers on a rotation, I use GSE!

I tried doing it manually and as I said, because of the GCDs, I cant hit those buttons faster than the GCD allows me to!

So, all those players that are getting high numbers, there is no way in hell they are hitting those buttons manually, that goes for the Rogue and Pally (its even worse for a Rogue as you not only have GCD to contend with but also energy level to use that skill!)

Test it out yourselves, get a addon like TellMeWhen or Hekili, Ovale or Herorotaion and see what your numbers are hitting those buttons manually compared to just running a GSE macro.

I enjoyed played my Pally and Rogue in Legion but in BFA, not so much (from a standpoint of dps)

That is the fault of Billiard in this xpac.

Hey guys! is here any that are playing a outlaw rogue? iam at 388 itlvl. and ea time somebody pops a hero/bl my dps is like shiet :confused: raidbots says almost 19k doing 12 k single and 30-120k aoe dmg. any advice? usign gse and tried all macros and just 1 is not hanging atm ! thanks!