Dps/buff macro

I need help with the principles of a rotation macro which involves buffing a target while dpsin.
Basically i want to target and dps hostile and shield+prayer of mend the target of the hostile target.

In one macro it’s not hard, but we covered most of that already.

In general you want this:

/castsequence reset=0.5 [@targettarget,help] 0,0,0,Power Word: Shield
/castsequence reset=0.5 [@targettarget,help] 0,0,Prayer of Mending
/castsequence reset=0.5 Smite

Give me a few days to do some testing and I can create one much better with more spells that will fit a Disc’s rotation.

If you could possibly do that Moonsorow, it would be greatly appreciated. My wife is leveling a priest and Disc seems to be her favorite. I’m sure she would be very thankful for any help in macros. I use various ones from the site for my toons and it would be nice to see her able to be helped. Thanks for all the time you invest here it does not go unnoticed nor unappreciated.,

hmmmm sounds like a good challenge. is this more directed towards group healing or tank healing or both? shouldn’t be too hard to work up. I was working on one back in Cata but I haven’t touched my disc spec since mid cata and pretty much abandoned it. If Moon hasn’t come up with one, I’ll see what I can muster up although my macro’s are usually basic and nothing complex like these guys on here make except to make minor tweaks based on talents.

don’t know if this is what you are looking for, but, it’s basic. Moon can probably modify it to make it optimal. the only down side if that it only casts sw:p once and you seem to run out of mana fast (although i have a gaming keyboard where it was spamming the macro at 50 milseconds) and I was only able to get it to work @focus for the shield, mending, and renew (added that for extra bit of healing). It’s probably more inclined for solo’ing/pvp then for raid/parties unless you are MT/OT healing.```
/castsequence reset=target shadow word: pain, null
/castsequence reset=target Holy fire, Penance, smite, smite, smite, smite
/castsequence [@focus] power word: shield, prayer of mending, renew
/cast shadowfiend
/cast power infusion
/cast archangel

just a reminder that it's more than likely not optimal lol.  One of these days i'll get as good as the other guys.....hopefully lol

This seems to be working nicely for her, or should I say, she hasn’t complained about it! Thanks for the time putting it together.

well i’ll take it as no news is good news lol