Dps drop im Myt+ help

Hej all

i been playing with marcos from this forum for a long time, and been working great,
but to day. i wantet to set my hunter as BM.

after i was done i did test on the dummi and after 5 to 10 mints i wat at 33k - 34k (unbuff) 70ms

Raidbot says around 35k

so thats fine :slight_smile:

But then i went in to a +6 and my dps droped realy bad realy bad. 14 to 23k

any one know whats worng ? :slight_smile:

oh ye want to say thanks for all the great marcos :slight_smile:

hope someone can assist


You are not the only one struggling. I don’t now what Blizzard has done, but no macro’s are working very well anymore. Before 8.3, great, now… meh.

Remember on a practice dummy, there’s no down time, you are not moving, there’s no interrupts, or switching or mechanics…and you’re attacking the target at optimal speeds and efficiency. Try this…next time you go to a practice dummy, keep moving…throw a counter shot every 20-30 seconds and stop firing off shots every so often for a couple of seconds…see where your dps is at then…don’t ever just stand and fire at a practice dummy…that very rarely happens anywhere…then go do the same thing to the dungeon dummy that hits your pets so you have to heal them as well…betcha the numbers are not going to be near the sims…and as far as sims…set the sim for Hecticaddcleave…thats a more realistic dps sim.

I have the same DPS drop. Yesterday im doing m+ and my dps drops hard. One day before in m+ i did 5-8k dps more.
I just dont change anything. Ane it was the same m+ as with the dps drop.
I dont know why it is happen, but it is!