DPS Macros - Share your results!

Hey everyone! As a long-time user of WowLazyMacro, I wanted to create a post inviting others to share their experiences with GSE/WoWLazyMacro. I’m particularly interested in seeing your parses or RIO results.

While I’m aware that GSE isn’t typically used for competitive play, I’ve been impressed by the quality of some macros here. Their performance in M+ dungeons suggests that they can indeed be viable for competitive play.

Before I dive into showcasing these macros, I’d like to mention my own progress in season 3 with my Demon Hunter (DH). I’m still refining my parses, but I’m confident that reaching 90+ parses, similar to my achievements in previous seasons, is well within reach and will be super easy, especially once I start doing higher keys (20+).

Here are two macros from WoWLazyMacros that have helped me achieve success in M+ and maintain a competitive edge.

Retribution Paladin Macro from @OAK

Results from using the above macro:
ret pala

Havoc Demon Hunter Macro from @ODAVING (Season 3)

Results from using the above macro:

Of course, a big thank you to both of these creators. :slight_smile:


This a good initiative.

BUT this is very important to be remembered as this seems to be a tool for you , ALSO is a TREMENDOUS help for people with every type of disabilities who wants to enjoy it.

Dont ever forget that.

Also thanks of course to @lutechi & @TimothyLuke .

Keep those parse coming !


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Yes of course. I’m not in any way shape or form trying to downplay any of what you said. :slight_smile:

I’m just sharing my perspective seen from a “competitive” standpoint, and this is what i wanted to get out of this post as i stated originally, I know GSE/WoWLazyMacro, wasn’t meant to be used competitively.

Anyways, kudos to everyone that contributed, and I hope to see more people reply to this post with their amazing raider.io scores and parses - i know a lot of people are also in the same boat as me.

I personally have been using GSE so that I have a better situational awareness.
I’m an older gamer (lets just say I graduated in 85) and GSE has helped my gameplay quite a bit.

Here’s my results on the Retribution Paladin using the above macro for Season 2:

Notes - it simply worked great. I always made some small modifications for self heal.

Here is where I’m at in Season 3 on the Havoc DH using the other above macro:

I’ve just started using it this weekend, with just farting around last week. I think the results are going to be rock solid. I added a WA for Unbound so I know when to skate. This toon is working on +15 now.

This is my main, Enhancement Shaman. This character is working on +18 now.
The macro is Xero’s with some small changes (again for self healing).

Xero’s Storm Enh (Updated for 10.2) 11NOV23 - Dragonflight / Enhancement - WoW Lazy Macros

Curious when viewing this data if your screenshots are based on ilvl results

My screenshots, were not based on ilvl results. These are by keys. If i toggled ilvl, they are all 100. :slight_smile:

The enhancement shaman results look nice. Thanks for sharing!

yeah same…all 100 with ilvl toggled, however am only 458 and seems unrealistic to compare against all other hunters regardless of ilvl. Was curious how accurate the ilvl toggle is however.

I never use the ilvl toggle. I only sort by keys. So I wouldn’t know.

Though i feel like @Fredgarvin posted their screenshots with “sorting by ilvl”, which can explain all the big parses. Not sure though - correct me if im wrong.

The point of the post was to leave it “sorting by keys” as default and to then post the results, maybe i should’ve been clearer.

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Sorry for confusion! I use ilvl as I feel it’s more real world. I’m not world first here, just a guy who wants to be competitive and not embarrass himself too much on the meters.

Ret Paladin Season 2:

Enh Shammy Season 3:

I’d rather get more data in on the DH before I share, but since I picked up the 2p, it’s been wonderful.

Any logs from raids? Please and thank you

Exactly, I had a clot in my jugular and have dimished ue of my right hand, can’t click around as fast I used to. This is the only way I can play anymore

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