Dragon Flight GSE (compatibility) Class Tier List!

Looking to create a tier list according to what classes work best with GSE for the DF xpack, many people are claiming changes to BM and Havoc are less optimal for the addon.

PLEASE HELP ME create a decent tier list for gse X df synergy ( tanks / dps )

S+ ( fury? ) ( Prot ) ( Blood ) ???
S ( BM ) ( MM ) ( WW )???

Thank you!!!

440 bm hunter, on heroic sark, i can do 104k i sim about 119. not a horrible loss. stats are still needing tweaked a bit, but its working well enough to have downed 2 mythic bosses yesterday(amalgamation and assault) tho as ive seen others post, there is no burst damage. i am a steady ramp up, getting left way behind at the start then working my way up. most fights it takes about a minute to get up and about half way through im maxing out. take big hits on bosses i have to switch targets tho. then im running much lower. hoping to do mythic kazz next tuesday to be able to know if its working great in mythic or not, but on mythic amalgamation i was doing 90k and thats with all one button dps. im currently looking for other dps specs to run this with that i can get similar results from

What you are trying to do is impossible and meaningless.

The factor that influences all these tiers is BKAC - Between a keyboard and Chair. It doesn’t matter what class you are playing, any macro from someone else will do around 50% of the potential DOS. If you want the other 50% you are going to have to work at it. Your ability to do this is dependant on your ability and knowledge of the class. I get 150+k dps from my arcane mage at 430 ilevel. You won’t get above 40k with my macro unless you play like I do. Any tier list will be worthless for anyone other than you and will only represent your opinion and ability or lack of ability.


I think its more about being a one button macro and working well with classes, is your arcane mage macro one button macro?

It’s one button for the base and then has mods on that button. It’s knowing when and why to use those mods that makes the difference.

If one button is your criteria then this is extremely easy:

C- BM Hunter
D- Everything Else

You can’t do anything useful in WoW if you have one button that you mindlessly press. GSE isn’t a tool for lazy people to be miraculously useful. No macro in the world is going to be able to achieve that. You need to know how to play the class well first then you can adjust the macro to do what you need it to do.


It seems that either latest patch or the expansion itself made WoW harder to macro even decently.
There are numerous macros for every spec that does 25K or in single target at 400 ilvl.
And not to mention that there are specs that hasn’t had a thread response in months.
I really hope that any of those are not the sign that this community is slowly dying.

I’ve always wanted to play mage and have found macro a bit underwhelming because as you said it designed to work for the creator but my question is how should I go about modifying or even creating a macro that works well for my character? I’m new to gse and it’s made my experience in this game night and day just looking to see how I can improve my enjoyment

some of the months ones are macros that still work great even now or with a easy adjustment

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Start somewhere - either blank or someone else’s. Run that on a target dummy for 2 minutes to get a baseline. Run a two minute sim of an unbuffed run to compare to. Make 1 change run for two minutes and compare. Make 1 change run for two minutes and compare etc. after about 120-200 hours of doing so you will have your macro tuned to where you want it to be. There are no short cuts - if you want the results you have to do the work.

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